header safety

Health and safety of our employees and our partners LIVE major issue and is one of the core values of LOUSIOS TEK LTD. We systematically review our procedures to ensure:

  • Keeping open communication regarding any risks from the staff in order to maintain a safe working environment.
  • The continuous communication and advice to our employees regarding all matters affecting their safety and health.
  • The strict implementation of the Cyprus and EU law regarding our sector.
  • Working safely supported at all levels – from the construction site until the conference room. We are very proud for the fact that until today we did not have any major injuries or serious accidents in our projects. Our employees are specifically trained to care for their safety and health and to protect themselves from any possible danger or accident that might happen. Furthermore we would like to add that the Security technician confirms that we are in compliance with the following:
  1. We have all the required permissions for our equipment, facilities and personnel.
  2. Signs and sufficient lighting in all working areas.
  3. Working Clothing (Helmets, Glasses, Vests, Gloves and Safety shoes).
  4. Regular training of our personnel by safety drills and webinars about crisis management.
  5. Regular check-up of our safety systems in working places.
  6. The regular statistical accident monitoring.