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Our Company LOUSIOS TEK LTD was founded in December 2006 in Larnaca of Cyprus by Ioannis Lousios.

Core business of LOUSIOS TEK LTD is Mechanical – Machining process. At the same time we develop special activities in the fields of steel structure, machinery replacement – maintenance, general machinery repairs in heavy industry and steel welding procedures. The last years and after many years of experience, we develop and operate in the cement sector.

We provide projects management, equipment supply, supply chain monitoring, installation and maintenance of mechanical components, aiming always the importance of efficiency and consistency.

We insure a high quality result of the work, based on our experience technical staff, our Project Managers and Engineers.

The most important and basic element of our success can be attributed to our customer-centric philosophy, which we have deeply adapted into our corporate culture. In LOUSIOS TEK LTD, we believe in a B2B environment, were integrity and creation of trust issue relationships are absolutely must. We consider our customers essential partners who join forces with us in order to achieve common objectives. For this reason and only service is at the core of our value system.